Friday, February 17, 2012

Finally Friday!!

Oh. my. gosh.  

I didn't think I'd survive these last few days.   Seriously....

Tuesday was Valentines Day.  We all know, I had worked really hard on my little girl's class party. My husband had gotten all the fixins for our family Valentine's tradition - fondue.  I had put together little metal pails full of candy, funny surprises, and Itunes gift cards for each of us (hubby took care of mine!).  And then, from out of no where:  BAM!  


It literally knocked me on to my ass.  I laid down on the sofa at about 7:00 Tuesday night and I couldn't move.  Until I dragged myself to bed.   What a waste of a perfectly good fondue!

Wednesday morning, I felt better. Got up, got ready for work.  About 10 minutes away from my office - BAM!  Migraine.  Coupled with blinding shots of pain in my eyeball.  And tunnel vision. 

I made it for about an hour and then begged my boss to put me out of my misery.

He sent me home.   Where I proceeded to climb into bed, barely kicking off my shoes because it hurt too much, and I passed out for four hours. 

Thursday was a bit better.  Not so many blinding shots of pain, and smaller bouts of the tunnel vision.  I made it through the work day.  When I went home, I went straight to bed.  Until my oldest climbed into bed with me to watch "The New Girl".  

Today, no blinding pain.  Just a constant, dull thump in my head.   I weakly think "Yay me!".  

Needless to say, I didn't get many pictures taken this week.  And clever crafting ideas- yeah, right.  Forget that.  I have been incoherent for the last four days.  I did manage to check in on Pinterest a few times a day.  

I wasn't dead.  Sheesh.

Enjoy the smattering of pics I did manage to capture this week:

Kindergarten party cupcakes - genius idea: store each cupcake in a party cup, then wrap in saran wrap!

Who doesn't love a surprise rainbow?

Beer Cheese fondue - fo reals

Kindergarten Class party - such cute little buggers, so excited to get to swappin' Valentines!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

Full week, really full, mine wasn't pretty peaceful and uneventful :).

Sisters and Stories said...

Migraines are the worst, and I unfortunately get them from time to time too. I hope you are feeling better!
Cute blog!