Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parents Night Out...In

Okay, you moms,dads, or other parental-type units out there... Think back to all of the times you've lamented saving no free time with your honey... Hell, just time for yourself!! I've been having one of those few-week-periods, where I had been wishing for a babysitter night. My husband, too... We just wanted a break. Our wishes were answered by our local gymnastics club, where the youngest takes Tumbling. For only $30, we could have four child-free hours- $25 if we signed up by Thursday. Pizza, gymnastics, and trusted adult supervision??? Plus I wouldn't have extra mess to clean up when I got home??? Can you imagine how quickly my husband flew down to sign her up??? We were all counting the minutes until 6 PM tonight. I dont know who was more excited... Her, me, or Ryan. " is it time yet?" FINALLY... 6 pm came. Ryan and I took her to the gym. Surprisingly, it took her. Few minutes to wrm up to me leaving. I think the kids were too wild for her, and her friend hadn't arrived yet. At one point, I asked her , hesitantly, if she wanted to just go home. But she pulled through, said no, and I got out of there as quickly as I could without actually running. And.. Our parents might out had begun. We promptly returned home. Ryan turned on the XBox to play all of the video games that are too violent to play when she is around. And I plugged in my headphones, turned on my newest musical obsession, and scrapbooked for a solid two hours. Then I went upstairs to watch an R-rated move, called "Hanna", without worrying about little feet walking in on a violent part. It was, in fact, the perfect evening. Well worth the $25-- every penny.


Ruby's said...

Sounds so much fun :)

Heidi Millerick said...

Thanks, Ruby - it was a good time!