Friday, August 10, 2012

Dont give up on me

Hello, fellow blogger-er-er-ers... whatever the plural is...

I am considering switching to wordpress... Considering. It might be too smart for me.  But I love the themes so much more.  And the free part.  There is that.

Have any of you researched wordpress?  What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two words for the ladies -- Magic Mike

I was not a Channing Tatum fan.  I mean, yeah..he's a good looking guy.  I knew that.  Nice body. I knew that.  He could dance a little -- I remembered from "Step Up".


If you have not seen it yet, and you are watching this video...get up, grab your keys, and head to the nearest movie theater.

You can thank me tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Is it possible??

I've just come back from the second graduation ceremony in as many days.

My oldest graduated from high school on Tuesday.

My youngest graduated from Kindergarten today.

Is it possible to feel so sad and so happy at the same time?

Seriously - I'm so happy to be at the end of a journey with the older one.  No offense, Savannah...but it's time for you to learn to fly.   

But I'm so sad that my baby is getting older;  Kindergarten was the last stop on the innocence train. After this, she is going to be a big girl. For reals.

It's such a weird feeling... so torn...

I think I'm throwing my feelings into baking.  For the graduation party tomorrow.   The rational voice in me is telling me to stop adding more receipes to the "to do" dessert list.  But I just tell that voice to shut up and keep on baking.  So far:

Nutella - stuffed cupcakes with Sea Salt Buttercream
Lemonade Layer cake
Ice Cream Sundae cupcakes
Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits.

Now that I think about it, I might need an intervention!!

Pics from the party to follow.  Until then, I hope this picture of my boyfriend will suffice:



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Source: via Atma on Pinterest

Come on folks...this is funny....

And we all know the power of boobs.

Check and mate.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy #GeekPrideDay!

I admit it.

I'm the G-word.

No, not gay.  Or Goofy.  (well, maybe goofy). Or Gargantuan.  What I am, however, is..a GEEK.

And I love it!

Thirty-five years ago today, a movie was released that would change the lives of millions.  Myself included.  Who knew that a farm boy, an old man, an illegal trader, and a princess would leave a legacy that would last decades.  Oh, and don't forget the robots.

Do you remember the first time you watched Star Wars? 

I do.  I was about five years old. My father had brought my sister and I to Washington State, from Tennessee, to visit my grandparents.  He took us to see Star Wars in the old theater that he used to frequent when he was a kid. I don't remember the name, and I'm sure it's gone now.  But I do remember it had balconies.  

I am such a huge Star Wars geek.  Not the new movies -- I'm too much of a purist to like all the fancy graphics and different actors. But I do appreciate them.  Seeing the backstories of the characters I had loved all my life... all of that history finally making sense to me... I do appreciate them.

But say they are my favories??  Well, I'd rather kiss a wookie!

May the force be with you!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

If only there were two of me....

Well, life has been chaotic as usual...

But I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Last night marked the end of T-Ball - check that off the list of weekly to-dos.

Daisies will only last another three weeks, then check THAT off the weekly to-dos.

Leaving only gymnastics, which is my hubby's gig anyway since I'm not off work early enough to take her. 


Now, I get to focus on graduation (both kindergarten and high school) in the next three weeks, a party, my mother coming to town, my ex coming to town (that will make for some good blogging, I'm sure) and...then.... wait for it... wait.....


(and by nothing, you know I mean there is always something)

So until next time, my friends, below are some fun pictures I've taken of Sydney and her friends at Girl Scouts Encampment that took place last weekend.  My baby was too young to stay the full weekend, much to her chagrin.  But, by the time we left Saturday evening, she was so tired she was practically in tears because her body ached.   Whose too young now, missy???

Making their dreamcatchers

Performing their skit in front of the whole camp! I would have puked from nerves!

The junior girl scouts taught the younger ones to make cupcakes in orange halves.

Nope, these girls weren't having any fun at all.

TTYL - oh wait -- you're all over the age of ten and use real words!!
See you soon!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, for %*)#(*_@ sake

Like my newest fashion accessory?

Guess who rolled her ankle this morning walking to her car?

Carrying her child.

In high heels.

Followed by her husband.

While my feet are generally fat, they are not generally THIS fat.  Or puffy. 

But, in all this... I am most proud of myself for not dropping my kid, or landing on her. 

I did, however, throw her off of me once I realized we weren't falling any more.  That probably was not the best parenting choice I could have made.

So, I'll be enjoying this air brace for the next ten days.  Should be interesting going to the Girl Scouts camp with Sydney this weekend.  With my luck...well, lets not tempt the Fates.

Happy Wednesday!!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stationery card

Dream Big Graduation Announcement
To view our top graduation card designs, click here.
View the entire collection of cards.

Happy Mother's Day to me

It's a week early, I know.

Today was an awesome day.  Awesome.

The whole weekend has been amazing, truth be told.   We finally had nice weather around Seattle.  It's May.  Did you hear me say FINALLY?  I think this entire city has been suffering from cabin fever.

What really makes me happy, though?  My eighteen year old senior spent the day with me in Seattle, taking her senior pictures.  We had a blast!!!  People watching, snapping shots, eating a crepe at Pike Place was an awesome day.

For those of you who are parents of almost-grown children, you might be able to understand exactly why this made me so happy.

For those of you whose kids haven't reached the age where you're not cool anymore...enjoy these days.

And for those of you who have yet to experience the joy of kids... call your mama or daddy and tell them you love her or him.  K?

Do it.


Monday, April 30, 2012


I have received a blog award!!  Me!! Well, my blog, but me!!! 

A Liebster award, from my sweet friend Ruby over at Fuchsia Vision  (linky link here Fuchsia Vision )

Ruby is one who always shares words of encouragement on every post, no matter what... Just knowing one person reads this blog of their own volition (no payments, no relative obligation!!) makes me super happy, but to be nominated for an award!!!

Well...ain't that the berries!!!

I hadn't heard of a Liebster award but it turns out it's given amongst bloggers to those sites that have less than 200 followers.  Yeah, I'm about 189 shy of that, so no worries there...

It does come with a to-do list:

  1. Link back to the person who gave it to you.  Check!
  2. Post the award on your blog for all to see!  Check!
  3. Give the award to 5 of your favorite bloggers (with 200 followers or less).  Double check!!
  4. Leave a comment on your chosen blogs to let them know that they have been given the Liebster Blog award (will be done)
My five favorites:

1.)  My Scrappy Life  - Eliz Gardner.  I love her writing. And her scrapbooking style...

2.) Sisters and Stories - Man, these ladies.... they make me wish my sister and I were closer.  But also remind me to be grateful for the girls in my life whom I love like sisters!!

3.) Unfabulousness - While we are friends in the real world, I love how Jo writes.  When I read her blog, it's like I'm in her head...and I'm feeling the exact way she's feeling at that moment.  

4.) Inspiration Strikes - Don't go here if you're easily offended.  She's mouthy, opinionated...and one of my favorite bloggers ever.  She says exactly what she's thinking...about everything...and in a trashy "you-kiss-your-mama-with-that-mouth??" kind of way, and I love it. 

and finally...

5.) Life at the Gables - If I'm being honest... I love how Liz writes, but what I really love about her blog:  I read every word to myself in a Scottish accent.  Seriously.

  So thank you, Ruby, for thinking of me.   And for the ladies who are receiving this award -- Thanks for being such amazing writers in your own individual ways. You all give me something to look forward to each week (-ish, if you update like I do!!)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I planned a Staff Appreciation Week...and survived!!!

Remember a few weeks ago, when I asked for input on my ideas for Staff Appreciation Week at my youngest daughter's elementary school?

(Thank you to the two of you who responded!!)

Well... I DID IT!  And I didn't end up in jail for manslaughter, public drunkeness, or lewd behavior!  (tee hee hee)

The week went off with minimal issues.  Really, only one or two things went wrong.  And thank God for my wonderful friend, Laura, who rushed to the grocery store at 6:45 AM to pick up pastries and fruit for the staff.  (FYI -- when people volunteer to bring food for an event, I recommend following up any emails sent with a phone call - daily - to ensure they actually show up).

Keep in mind - the week before SAW, I spent a few days in the hospital with my hsuband and I was cramming days of work into a weekend.

Here was the event schedule for the week:

MONDAY - coffee and pastries/fruit before school for staff
TUESDAY - Custom printed M&M's with donated travel mugs or water bottles
WEDNESDAY - Ice Cream Social
THURSDAY - Donated $5 gift certificates to the local Frozen Yogurt place
FRIDAY - catered staff luncheon

My budget for the week was $1500, but due to some really generous parents and the local business, Cherry de Pon, I was able to come in under budget.

Some photos from the event:

I found this fantastic digital designer to create the custom water bottle labels, food labels, and a sign (when you wait until the last minute to print, things can go wrong, so no "ice cream" sign.)  Check her out:  Katiedidesigns  

I also found another digital designer named Yulia, who worked with me over a weekend, from another county, to create water bottle labels...  Sadly, I don't have a picture of those, but trust me.  They were awesome.  Here is a link to her site:  Sarah Hope Designs

It was a long week, lots of stress for me, but it was tons of fun to be a part of the madness. I just saw the sweetest email from one of the teachers, and it definitely makes it all worth it.

I am not sure who to send this to, so if I could trouble you to get it into
the proper hands:

To All who contributed to Staff Appreciation Week,

I do not think I have ever experienced a more wonderful Appreciation Week!!
This has been a difficult year and in spite of that, PTSA has continued to
honor every traditional event and pull it off flawlessly.  This week you all
went above and beyond that and the happiness and love that we felt this week
simply transformed the staff.  We felt pampered, cared for, celebrated and
honored each and every day.  Whenever I ran into one of you and thanked you,
you seemed to be as delighted to be giving as I was to be receiving!

I continue to be stunningly proud to be working for this community and
cannot imagine working for a finer group of parents.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Judy Higgins

6th Grade teacher

Sometimes, a little madness is worth bringing light into the lives of complete strangers.

Have a great week!!

EDITED:  I just found the picture of the water labels from Yulia...Aren't these fantastic??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I couldn't make this up!

Oh's been a crazy week.  And by crazy, I mean a how-in-the-hell-am-I-going-to-survive-this week.   It's why I haven't written in a while.  Honestly, I haven't had the energy or with-itness..whatever you call it, to do so. But I'm starting to get back into the flow and thought I'd let you all know what's been going on in my life. 

Last week was my birthday! Yay me!! Big 3-9!  Honestly, it doesn't bother me.  Yet. I'm waiting it to hit me.  Maybe after I recover from the shock of last week.

Here's the series of events:

2:30 - received a call that  Sydney fell face first into the monkey bars and needed stitches. I met them at the ER. Honestly, I wasn't really panicked.  I just know that the last time she had stitches, it was pretty traumatic for her so I wanted to be there.  It was about a 2" cut, deep, right in between her eyebrows.   
4:30 - The doctor said she had no concussion and he was able to use glue for the cut because it was straight enough. we didn't need to stitch (nice job, Syd!)  She decided she wanted Denny's (our standard after-ER meal). As we're there, Ryan starts saying he's not feeling well.
6:00 - I took them home, Syd and I ran an errand and went to Walgreens to get Ryan some indigestion medicine. Savannah started calling, telling me to come home right away. I got home and Ryan couldn't even walk. He was puking, pale... I thought for sure he was having a heart attack.  I got him into the car, and he was starting to feel better.  His color came back, and he stopped throwing up.  He wanted to turn around. I believe my exact words were "HELL NO".
7:00 - check into ER (for the 2nd time). They were pretty sure its gallbladder.
11:00 - I'm sent home. They couldn't see the gallbladder on the ultrasound because it's so enlarged, so they shoot him up with dye.  And I'm exhausted, so I went home to pass out.  After driving through Taco Bell.  Can you say emotional eating?  Yep, thank God for the Fourth meal.
1:00 - Ryan was admitted and scheduled for surgery to remove his gallbladder the next day.
Wednesday: I went to work, Syd to school, and Ryan was in the hospital. Syd has her first TBall game that day, so Ryan's dad came down to sit with him through surgery so I could go with Syd. (My thinking was that things had been traumatic enough for her over the past few days -- if I miss this game, she would have freaked).  My sister in law, Marie,  came down with me, and she was taking Sydney for the night so I could spend time at the hospital with Ryan.
6:30 - T Ball game
7:30 - headed for frozen yogurt
7:35 - Sydney puked in my car, all over my car, in the street...Violently.  I whipped  my car into a subdivision and Marie pulled in behind me. We were both in shock. Meanwhile my little girl was covered in...stuff..I was literally sitting in the street laughing and crying at the same time. 
**BTW to the man walking in his yard, on his cell phone, watching this comedy of errors unfold:  EFF YOU for walking right back into your house without so much as an offer to toilet paper.  Karma is a bitch, my friend...just remember that.
Lucky for me, the super nice guy across the street was washing his vehicles.  I walked over and asked for a paper towel.  He gave me a whole roll and told me to keep them.  Then he offered to wash the outside of the car.  I swear I could have hugged the man.  He yelled up to his wife that he was "helping a damsel in distress". 
**Mental note --- take a gift to that family for being a spot of sunshine in an otherwise really shitty day.
Marie and I decided that Syd was fine. Most likely nervous about Daddy.  But she was running around, crazy and having fun; no chance she had a bug.  So she went with Marie and I returned to the hospital to visit Ryan.
8:30 - I was at the hospital, Ryan's dad left. My sister in law called, says "shes puking like crazy, everywhere". The nurse says we should take her back to the ER
**When Marie showed up, Sydney's head was like rolling back and forth and she couldn't keep her eyes open.  Marie was freaked, which made me freak... inside, of course.  But Syd could barely stay awake, didn't want to walk.  It was scary.
9:00 = checked into ER. Cat scan, etc.  For once, when we get to the ER for vomiting, Syd continues to throw up. Usually she stops when we get there and I feel like an idiot.  Not this time.  It was full on, throwing up everywhere.  She fell asleep.
1:30 a.m. - Left with concussion diagnosis. Oh wait, did I tell you I walked out of the room without the discharge paperwork? INCLUDING the prescription for the anti-nausea meds. Yep, I did.  So we had to go back to the front of the ER; Marie waited in the backseat with her while I ran back in to get another copy. I had to carry her  64 lb dead weight body in and out of the car.  SO HEAVY!!!
Oh yes - when I got home at 1:30, I stepped in cat poop. And cried. My oldest wiped it off my feet. And went to get me more Taco Bell. 
Thursday: my birthday
I slept until 9:00.  She was still throwing up so I went to get her prescription. And cat food. Of which we were out and the cat meows constantly until he's fed.  While digging through my purse for my keys, I found the original discharge paperwork. Turns out I hadn't forgotten it. 
I went back to sleep until 1:30.
Ryan had another procedure at 2:00. It was supposed to take 45 mins. It took three hours. I'm exhausted. 
I went home finally around 6:30.  My dear friend, Laura,  has delivered Olive Garden for me and the kids.  Savannah, knowing I'm on the edge, has decorated the house and went and picked up a cake. (She didn't believe Syd when she tried to tell her that Marie had already brought a cake over on Wednesday and it was hidden in Syd's bedroom).

I now have two cakes!
By Friday, Syd is fine. She's cranky, and really tired, but no puking. Friday night around 6:30, Ryan gets released and we are all on the mend.
While it was going on, it was like I was watching myself in a tv show. Really? She threw up in the car? No way?
Of course, I didn't know that she shouldn't have played TBall so soon after a head injury. The doctor released her, all glued back together like Humpty Dumpty. I didn't know.
He's in a lot of pain. Every day it gets better, but none of us have gotten a good nights sleep in a week.  He's back to eating regular meals...just no fatty stuff or super spicy.  We've stayed away from any meat, except a turkey burger, but he's doing really well with what he's had so far.   
Needless to say --- next year, I am partying it up New Orleans style. Making up for this year and rollin' in the 40s!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My name is Heidi, and I am an addict....

It's true. I can't help myself.

I am totally and completely addicted to DrawSomething. 

I currently have no less than 13 games going at the same time.  No joke.  It's sick.

And I'm not even that great at the drawing.  See below:

That's supposed to be David Beckham.  You can laugh; it's okay. 

If that isn't enough proof of my less-than-expert art skills, try this one:

Yep, that is Conan the Barbarian.  Not the super hot Drago-guy one that just came out last summer, but the Arnold Schwarzenegger one from the 80s.   He has no hands.  That was quickly pointed out by a friend. Stumps, he said, actually.

Next to Instagram, this is probably my most favorite app.  Temple Run can bite me. 

You know how it's said that addiction can be hereditary?   Well, I seemed to have passed it on now to both of my kids.


This is Sydney's drawing.  While at first glance, its looks like a clue from Blue's Clues, it is actually the Earth.  And now she is continually asking me if its her turn to draw!!!!

Do any of you play? If so, message me and we'll start a game....

Gosh, did I really just say that?  See -- it's SICK!!  :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

So much to tell you all...

It feels like its been forever since we've talked. 

How have you all been?  Did you miss me?  I thought of you all often... as in "oh my - this will be so funny to put on my blog" or "isn't that sunset fantastic? my readers will love it!".  

And...then I never had time to write.... sad face... 

I'd love to tell you things have calmed down in my world.  But ---that would be a lie. And I made a promise to never lie to you.

So, its still la vida loca for me.  But - I have managed to get some things off my to-do list, and we just got back from a super fun vacation, so now it's head down and power through what's left. 

What is left?

Oh man -- let me get my list.

First - Easter Sunday.  Still have to dye eggs.  Still have to pick up that quiche.   Dammit -- still have to get Easter basket stuff!!  

Then - Staff Appreciation week.   Still have to present the budget to PTSA board.  But --the menu is settled as of today, and the ball is rolling.  Quickly downhill, and I feel like I'm at the bottom, but it's rolling.   I'm actually really excited to let you know how I pull this one off.  

Oh, and my birthday!!!  Yay me!!!  Can't decide between dinner with friends at a Burlesque review or a night of gambling at the Casino.  What would you do? I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  So, let's not think about all that right now.  :)

As of my last post, you knew I was getting my new camera.  Well, let me tell you. I am in LOVE. Love, love, love... This camera is freaking awesome.     Here are some of my favorite pics so far:

BTW - that picture of the sandwich...that's a Grilled Cheese with Bacon Jam.  From a place in Seattle called The Skillet.  If you are ever in the Emerald City, you HAVE to stop here and eat.  Have. To.

So... in love with the Camera.  We covered that.  Been playing with it for two weeks now.  I've learned so much - how to shoot in RAW.  How to use Aperture Priority.  Buy a lens filter.  Don't drop it.  (just threw that in to see if you were still reading.)

I also had another birthday party.  This one was a pirate theme. So, of course..I had to make cupcakes.  And a pirate ship.  

The pirate ship was made from the box that my camera came in. I got the idea from this blog Little Blue's Room;
unfortunately, a shoe box wouldn't fit the number of cupcakes needed. So I had to adjust a bit and added my own flair.  I thought it turned out pretty darn good.  If you want a step by step, let me know and I can create a tutorial.
 The cupcakes came from Anne Strawberry's blog, here:

I give credit where it's due...God knows I'm not clever enough to come up with this stuff on my own!!!

So, that brings us about current.  I promise - it won't be two weeks before another post. After all - Easter's coming!!! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012



Those of you who know know I've been wanting an SLR camera for years.  Years.  

My awesome husband finally bought me one for my birthday (which doesn't happen until April).  A good friend who is a professional photographer (remember Rick Takagi, the cupcake photos?) helped me decide which camera and lens would work best for my skill level and stay within our budget. 

Hello new camera:  my Nikon 5100 and extra Nikkor 50m lens...

And where is the torture, you ask???

My package has been sitting at the local UPS hub - fifteen minutes from my house - since yesterday morning.  

Oh, I called to ask if I could come pick it up, believe me. But they close for the weekend.  

"Mrs. Millerick, I sure am sorry but you'll be happy to know the package should be delivered no later than Monday afternoon!"  said the UPS serviceperson.  Not as sorry as me, Bub.

I know, I know...I should be happy to know it's on its way to me.  But this weekend has been perfect weather. I mean PERFECTO. The first two days of sunshine we've had all year.  Seriously.


Well, whilst drudging across the web in my misery, I did come across this giveway:

Once you're on her home page, click on the link on the right for the camera bag giveaway. (There's lots of traffic to her site today, so be patient!)

Check it out.  If you are remotely into photography, this blog is fantastic. Not only is Courtney an amazing photographer, but she is so free with her knowledge and experience..I love her blog!

Anyhooo....what will I do for the next forty-eight hours???  Guess I will have to spend my time crafting.  Believe me, that ain't so bad!  :)

Happy Sunday, everybody!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


In four and one half hours, I will be sitting in front of a huge movie screen, watching a movie that I have been waiting for, impatiently, for over a year. 

No, not anything as intelligent as The Artist, or that one where Glenn Close played a lady dressing up as a man in Victorian England...

I'm talking about something better...

Katniss  Everdeen.

The Hunger Games

If you haven't read the books, don't judge.

If you have, then deep down, you're as excited as I am to see this movie.  

I'll update my blog tomorrow (if I can keep my eyes open long enough)..

why didn't I take tomorrow off of work????

Oh well - until then....may the odds be ever in your favor...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sugar, we're going down... Fall Out Boy

No, not really...  I just like the song and it popped in my head while I prepared for this post. 

A few weeks ago,  I volunteered to make cupcakes for the daughter of one of my favorite people.  Addie was turning four.  She's the sweetest thing and absolutely makes my heart melt every time I see her, so I wanted to do something special for her. 

Like most four year old girls, Addie loves princesses.  So her awesome mom decided to throw a princess-themed party, complete with Princess Aurora coming to do magic tricks and balloon animals. 

A few weeks before the party, I began strolling through the web, including Pinterest, looking for inspiration.  After a few possibilities, Addie's mom and I both agreed on the cutest little princess cupcakes. 

Luckily, the picture was from the Wilton website, which also included the how-to AND the links to buy the sugar sheets and punches.  Even luckier - my local Michaels (which is three blocks away) JUST started carrying the sheets and punches in stock.

In my hurry to get started, though, I didn't read the full instructions on the how-to.  So, readers, learn from my mistake:  when you buy the punches, they come in TWO pieces, not one.  You have to buy the white base and the purple insert.   I was running to Michaels at 9 am the day of the party, to get the second piece.   Good thing I work well under pressure. 

And...being that most of my best ideas come right before the project is due...the night before the party I decided Addie's cupcakes deserved a special cupcake stand.  So --- at 6 PM, my little one and I went to the local Value Village and bought three plates and two candlesticks, then cruised to Fred Meyer for spray paint.  

I have a large amount of Mardi Gras beads laying around ( a gift from my favorite aunt who lives in Louisana), so I had already planned on gluing the beads around the plates.  But again - last minute larry - I decided one of the plates needed something else, a little more *oomph.   So, at my quick 9 am dash to Michaels, I picked up some fake fur to glue around the bottom and added some blingy butterflies.

And, here are the fruits of my labor:

For throwing them together in twenty four hours, I was pretty happy with how the turned out.  More importantly, Miss Addie loved the cake stand (I let her keep it!) and the crown.  After all, every princess needs a crown!

The pictures are by Addie's dad, Rick...he's an amazing photographer.  You should head over and check out some of his work here: Rick Takagi photography

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Input needed please!!

Okay, I trust you, my readers,  and value your opinions.

I'm trying to come up with a theme for the Staff Appreciation Week at my little one's school. (Refer to previous post).

Which do you all think would be more fun, less complicated, and can stay within a relatively small budget...

1.) Hollywood - "Our Staff are Stars"

  • Luncheon will have movie-named items
  • Red carpet entering the lunch
  • Can have personlized invites to lunch - look like Oscar envelopes
  • Stars decorating the hallway
  • Can have personlized "walk of fame" - stars with each teachers name

2.) World of Thanks - "So many ways to say Thank You for all you do"

  • Luncheon will have food from different countries
  • Will have "thank you" in different languages throughout the halls
  • Passports for invites to lunch
  • Flags decorating hallway

3.) Literature - "Not enough words to say how much we appreciate all you do"

  • Mad Hatter Tea Party (with coffee and tea)
  • Each day have an event from a different book
  • Luncheon will have book-named items
  • invites can be library cards or books
My creative partner, Laura,  and I are stumped --- honestly, I love the third selection but not sure if it will require too much work.  Laura and I both think "Hollywood" would be fun but it feels sort of cliche and overdone....

Help us!! Help us!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sail away...

The day has come.


My family and I are heading out of town for a quick weekend getaway.

To my favorite spot for quick trips and a few days of unplugging....

Little slice of heaven.

Here is a picture:

I took it when we were there last year.

Go to google.  Type in Lopez Island, WA. jealous.  It's okay.  I'd hate me a little bit too.    :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What just happened????

Oh Lordy....what did I do?

It's all my fault.  I saw it coming.  It was like watching a movie scene where your favorite character is about to be killed off...  you want to scream at the person in the movie " out.....that a_hole is about to slit your throat" but you can't, and you just sit there and watch through your fingers as it happens.

I knew better than to send the email.

What could it hurt?  I'm creative, and I'm thrifty....and I love to help people.

School staff/teacher appreciation week is in April.  A newletter was sent out, asking if anyone would be interested in helping.

Before I could stop myself, I was typing up an email, volunteering my services.

I received a phone call from the nicest lady last night. Her enthusiasm for the school and its staff bubbled over and infected me.  I was practically tearing up when she got me talking about how much I love the staff and teachers at the Little One's school. 

Ideas were starting to flow.  Making a dvd out of pictures of each staff member when they were younger.

Tea service.

Coffee service.

Appreciation luncheon.

And happened.

"So, I can put you down as heading the project, Heidi?"

I couldn't say yes fast enough!!  "Of course, I will help!!  I'd be glad to. "  And while I'm at it, how about I just try to cure cancer, and world hunger, and oh yeah - fix everything thats broken in our government. 

Oh Lordy. 

If there's one thing at which I'm good, it is finding the silver lining.  I can do this.  I can do this. 

So, dear readers...hopefully you'll stick around and have some laughs with me while I work this one out.

I can do this... right?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Parents Night Out...In

Okay, you moms,dads, or other parental-type units out there... Think back to all of the times you've lamented saving no free time with your honey... Hell, just time for yourself!! I've been having one of those few-week-periods, where I had been wishing for a babysitter night. My husband, too... We just wanted a break. Our wishes were answered by our local gymnastics club, where the youngest takes Tumbling. For only $30, we could have four child-free hours- $25 if we signed up by Thursday. Pizza, gymnastics, and trusted adult supervision??? Plus I wouldn't have extra mess to clean up when I got home??? Can you imagine how quickly my husband flew down to sign her up??? We were all counting the minutes until 6 PM tonight. I dont know who was more excited... Her, me, or Ryan. " is it time yet?" FINALLY... 6 pm came. Ryan and I took her to the gym. Surprisingly, it took her. Few minutes to wrm up to me leaving. I think the kids were too wild for her, and her friend hadn't arrived yet. At one point, I asked her , hesitantly, if she wanted to just go home. But she pulled through, said no, and I got out of there as quickly as I could without actually running. And.. Our parents might out had begun. We promptly returned home. Ryan turned on the XBox to play all of the video games that are too violent to play when she is around. And I plugged in my headphones, turned on my newest musical obsession, and scrapbooked for a solid two hours. Then I went upstairs to watch an R-rated move, called "Hanna", without worrying about little feet walking in on a violent part. It was, in fact, the perfect evening. Well worth the $25-- every penny.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March 1st!

Ah...Spring is in the air...

Somewhere.   Definitely not where I live.  It's been trying to snow for the last three days.

Seriously?   It's freakin' March 1st!  I hate global warming...

Well, time to put my happy pants on, because...

In TWENTY days:  it's the first day of Spring

In SIXTEEN days:  it's the first home game of the 2012 Season - Go Sounders!!  Oh, and also St. Patrick's Day

In SEVEN days:  I get to sneak away to the San Juan Islands with my family - sort of a precursor to our Spring Break trip.

That's just what I have planned for March!!! Wait until April, because that's my birthday month.  And we all know how much I love birthdays!!!

Given that I've over-planned my social life (shocker) for March already, I should start planning my crafting time as well... 

I know I'll be making these:

But I think I also want to make these:

How to:

I am having the damndest time finding the right candlesticks. Who knew they'd be so hard to find - or less than $25 apiece!   

With Easter coming, I'm looking for inspiration.  What will you all be crafting over the next few weeks??