Sunday, March 25, 2012



Those of you who know know I've been wanting an SLR camera for years.  Years.  

My awesome husband finally bought me one for my birthday (which doesn't happen until April).  A good friend who is a professional photographer (remember Rick Takagi, the cupcake photos?) helped me decide which camera and lens would work best for my skill level and stay within our budget. 

Hello new camera:  my Nikon 5100 and extra Nikkor 50m lens...

And where is the torture, you ask???

My package has been sitting at the local UPS hub - fifteen minutes from my house - since yesterday morning.  

Oh, I called to ask if I could come pick it up, believe me. But they close for the weekend.  

"Mrs. Millerick, I sure am sorry but you'll be happy to know the package should be delivered no later than Monday afternoon!"  said the UPS serviceperson.  Not as sorry as me, Bub.

I know, I know...I should be happy to know it's on its way to me.  But this weekend has been perfect weather. I mean PERFECTO. The first two days of sunshine we've had all year.  Seriously.


Well, whilst drudging across the web in my misery, I did come across this giveway:

Once you're on her home page, click on the link on the right for the camera bag giveaway. (There's lots of traffic to her site today, so be patient!)

Check it out.  If you are remotely into photography, this blog is fantastic. Not only is Courtney an amazing photographer, but she is so free with her knowledge and experience..I love her blog!

Anyhooo....what will I do for the next forty-eight hours???  Guess I will have to spend my time crafting.  Believe me, that ain't so bad!  :)

Happy Sunday, everybody!


Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

I remember when I first got my SLR..... I took pictures of everything! Not good ones mind you, but I didn't put that camera down for a year, I swear! ENjoy!

Heidi Millerick said... it yesterday. It took me about an hour to figure out how to put the lens on! hahaha!

Ruby's said...