Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb photo a day - day 2 Some pretty special words

Todays mail brought a few surprises for our family. First, I received my 50th anniversary edition of "To Kill A Mockingbird". So excited!! I've waited for this since Dcember!

The second surprise for us was an acceptance letter from Washington State Univerity for my oldest. It was her first acceptance letter. Her excitement was barely dampened by the fact it is her last choice for school. To know that someone wanted her was enough for her.

But wait...someone does want her. Me. I want her to be seven again, learning to ride her bike. Or laying on the sofa with me watching "rug rats" on Nickelodeon. Or waiting in line at the theater for hours before opening night for the newer Mary-Kate and Ashley movie.

For the first time, it's real to me. She's going to be graduating soon and heading off to school. Don't know how far way yet, but I do know this: I won't be hearing these special words as much:

"see you at home, Mom. Love you"

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