Friday, August 10, 2012

Dont give up on me

Hello, fellow blogger-er-er-ers... whatever the plural is...

I am considering switching to wordpress... Considering. It might be too smart for me.  But I love the themes so much more.  And the free part.  There is that.

Have any of you researched wordpress?  What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Two words for the ladies -- Magic Mike

I was not a Channing Tatum fan.  I mean, yeah..he's a good looking guy.  I knew that.  Nice body. I knew that.  He could dance a little -- I remembered from "Step Up".


If you have not seen it yet, and you are watching this video...get up, grab your keys, and head to the nearest movie theater.

You can thank me tomorrow.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Is it possible??

I've just come back from the second graduation ceremony in as many days.

My oldest graduated from high school on Tuesday.

My youngest graduated from Kindergarten today.

Is it possible to feel so sad and so happy at the same time?

Seriously - I'm so happy to be at the end of a journey with the older one.  No offense, Savannah...but it's time for you to learn to fly.   

But I'm so sad that my baby is getting older;  Kindergarten was the last stop on the innocence train. After this, she is going to be a big girl. For reals.

It's such a weird feeling... so torn...

I think I'm throwing my feelings into baking.  For the graduation party tomorrow.   The rational voice in me is telling me to stop adding more receipes to the "to do" dessert list.  But I just tell that voice to shut up and keep on baking.  So far:

Nutella - stuffed cupcakes with Sea Salt Buttercream
Lemonade Layer cake
Ice Cream Sundae cupcakes
Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits.

Now that I think about it, I might need an intervention!!

Pics from the party to follow.  Until then, I hope this picture of my boyfriend will suffice:



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Source: via Atma on Pinterest

Come on folks...this is funny....

And we all know the power of boobs.

Check and mate.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy #GeekPrideDay!

I admit it.

I'm the G-word.

No, not gay.  Or Goofy.  (well, maybe goofy). Or Gargantuan.  What I am, however, is..a GEEK.

And I love it!

Thirty-five years ago today, a movie was released that would change the lives of millions.  Myself included.  Who knew that a farm boy, an old man, an illegal trader, and a princess would leave a legacy that would last decades.  Oh, and don't forget the robots.

Do you remember the first time you watched Star Wars? 

I do.  I was about five years old. My father had brought my sister and I to Washington State, from Tennessee, to visit my grandparents.  He took us to see Star Wars in the old theater that he used to frequent when he was a kid. I don't remember the name, and I'm sure it's gone now.  But I do remember it had balconies.  

I am such a huge Star Wars geek.  Not the new movies -- I'm too much of a purist to like all the fancy graphics and different actors. But I do appreciate them.  Seeing the backstories of the characters I had loved all my life... all of that history finally making sense to me... I do appreciate them.

But say they are my favories??  Well, I'd rather kiss a wookie!

May the force be with you!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

If only there were two of me....

Well, life has been chaotic as usual...

But I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Last night marked the end of T-Ball - check that off the list of weekly to-dos.

Daisies will only last another three weeks, then check THAT off the weekly to-dos.

Leaving only gymnastics, which is my hubby's gig anyway since I'm not off work early enough to take her. 


Now, I get to focus on graduation (both kindergarten and high school) in the next three weeks, a party, my mother coming to town, my ex coming to town (that will make for some good blogging, I'm sure) and...then.... wait for it... wait.....


(and by nothing, you know I mean there is always something)

So until next time, my friends, below are some fun pictures I've taken of Sydney and her friends at Girl Scouts Encampment that took place last weekend.  My baby was too young to stay the full weekend, much to her chagrin.  But, by the time we left Saturday evening, she was so tired she was practically in tears because her body ached.   Whose too young now, missy???

Making their dreamcatchers

Performing their skit in front of the whole camp! I would have puked from nerves!

The junior girl scouts taught the younger ones to make cupcakes in orange halves.

Nope, these girls weren't having any fun at all.

TTYL - oh wait -- you're all over the age of ten and use real words!!
See you soon!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh, for %*)#(*_@ sake

Like my newest fashion accessory?

Guess who rolled her ankle this morning walking to her car?

Carrying her child.

In high heels.

Followed by her husband.

While my feet are generally fat, they are not generally THIS fat.  Or puffy. 

But, in all this... I am most proud of myself for not dropping my kid, or landing on her. 

I did, however, throw her off of me once I realized we weren't falling any more.  That probably was not the best parenting choice I could have made.

So, I'll be enjoying this air brace for the next ten days.  Should be interesting going to the Girl Scouts camp with Sydney this weekend.  With my luck...well, lets not tempt the Fates.

Happy Wednesday!!

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