Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb Photo a Day - Day 11

A photo of what makes me happy...

Such an easy answer, yet so hard because the list is so long.

I'm generally a happy person.  I'm happy to be alive. I'm happy that my life is what it is. I have an amazing husband and two kids who, for the most part, I love.  When I'm not wanting to strangle them.  :)

But that's the go to answer - my family.  My family makes me happy. 

Dig a little deeper.  What else makes me happy?

I love to scrapbook.  And bake.  And play video games.  And pin - I love to pin on Pinterest. 

I guess the short answer to the question of what makes me happy is:  to create. 

I LOVE to create.
Create a life for my family.
Create a home.
Create memories.
Create friendships.
That's what makes me happy.
Above is my best shot at capturing my happiness on film:  felt fortune cookies for Valentines Day.   It's how I show love for my family and friends, by giving them gifts of things I've made.  Watching their faces as the gifts are opened, or tasted, or watched....  that makes me happy.

See, readers.. I am a happy person!

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