Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Input needed please!!

Okay, I trust you, my readers,  and value your opinions.

I'm trying to come up with a theme for the Staff Appreciation Week at my little one's school. (Refer to previous post).

Which do you all think would be more fun, less complicated, and can stay within a relatively small budget...

1.) Hollywood - "Our Staff are Stars"

  • Luncheon will have movie-named items
  • Red carpet entering the lunch
  • Can have personlized invites to lunch - look like Oscar envelopes
  • Stars decorating the hallway
  • Can have personlized "walk of fame" - stars with each teachers name

2.) World of Thanks - "So many ways to say Thank You for all you do"

  • Luncheon will have food from different countries
  • Will have "thank you" in different languages throughout the halls
  • Passports for invites to lunch
  • Flags decorating hallway

3.) Literature - "Not enough words to say how much we appreciate all you do"

  • Mad Hatter Tea Party (with coffee and tea)
  • Each day have an event from a different book
  • Luncheon will have book-named items
  • invites can be library cards or books
My creative partner, Laura,  and I are stumped --- honestly, I love the third selection but not sure if it will require too much work.  Laura and I both think "Hollywood" would be fun but it feels sort of cliche and overdone....

Help us!! Help us!!


Ruby's said...

The third option ... the Mad Hatter Tea Party ...

Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

I vote for the 3rd option as well! Sounds fun!