Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What just happened????

Oh Lordy....what did I do?

It's all my fault.  I saw it coming.  It was like watching a movie scene where your favorite character is about to be killed off...  you want to scream at the person in the movie "Noooooo....watch out.....that a_hole is about to slit your throat" but you can't, and you just sit there and watch through your fingers as it happens.

I knew better than to send the email.

What could it hurt?  I'm creative, and I'm thrifty....and I love to help people.

School staff/teacher appreciation week is in April.  A newletter was sent out, asking if anyone would be interested in helping.

Before I could stop myself, I was typing up an email, volunteering my services.

I received a phone call from the nicest lady last night. Her enthusiasm for the school and its staff bubbled over and infected me.  I was practically tearing up when she got me talking about how much I love the staff and teachers at the Little One's school. 

Ideas were starting to flow.  Making a dvd out of pictures of each staff member when they were younger.

Tea service.

Coffee service.

Appreciation luncheon.

And then...it happened.

"So, I can put you down as heading the project, Heidi?"

I couldn't say yes fast enough!!  "Of course, I will help!!  I'd be glad to. "  And while I'm at it, how about I just try to cure cancer, and world hunger, and oh yeah - fix everything thats broken in our government. 

Oh Lordy. 

If there's one thing at which I'm good, it is finding the silver lining.  I can do this.  I can do this. 

So, dear readers...hopefully you'll stick around and have some laughs with me while I work this one out.

I can do this... right?

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