Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to the 22nd Century!!

Yes, I know we're still in the 21st century. But come on...let me have my moment. It's usually my DH that geeks out over technology. Not me. And I figured out how to do this all on my own. Like a big girl!
It's my hope that this will become a family blog, at least with those that are old enough to write. I'm pretty sure my DH will write about...soccer and....soccer. My oldest DD - boys and bands (not necessarily in that order). School might fall in there somewhere, who knows. Me? I'm a talker - anyone who knows me will tell you that. I can talk about anything, but my loves are my family and my crafting. Oh and music. Did you get the title of the blog - clue #1 to me: I'm a HUGE Beatles fanatic. Just wait until I get the Beatles Rock Band for xmas...lolol
Here's to the start of a fun and hopefully entertaining acquaintance with you all!!


*r* said...

Or better yet... Welcome to 2006.

The Millerick Family said...

hmmm...2006 was a good year but not sure why I'd go back...lol