Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Traditions

Growing up, we didn't have many family traditions.  Actually, now that I am writing, none come to mind. Except one:  New Years Eve, my mom would let my sister and I go out on the back porch, banging spoons and pans at midnight to ring in the new year.  I bet our neighbors LOVED us.  Other than that...drawing a blank.

Maybe that's why it is so important for my that my girls know tradition.  Some activity that we do as a family year after year, no matter the weather, our moods, our schedule.  Life will not get in the way of our traditions, dammit!   With my girls so far apart in age, and me having matured greatly (okay, at least a smidgen) between the first and the second, I feel that it is super important to establish traditions.

With the holidays quickly approaching, our traditions are out in front.  The big neon sign that tells me fall is here?  Picking out our pumpkins from a pumpkin patch.  We've gone to the same one three years in a row.  And somehow, it still takes us FOREVER to find our way through the corn maze. What is that all about?  Maybe it's psychological and has some underlying meaning of which I am unaware.  Maybe it's just that I am directionally challenged.  Who knows?


I don't think it should take over an hour to complete the "easy" maze.  If so, how long does it take to wind your way through the "hard" maze?  Do you have to pack c-rations and a sleeping bag?  Sheeesh...


Both girls pick a pumpkin.  Generally, my little one wants a small pumpkin and my big one just wants to get the hell out of there.  As quickly as possible.  With the hope that no one she knows will see her.

For the last few years, we've gotten lucky with the weather.  In Seattle that is no small feat.  Not this year.  The torrential downpours of yesterday caused quite the mudslides in the cornmaze.  Good thing I wore layers.  Oh wait - I was so busy getting everyone else's stuff together, I forgot my own jacket.


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